Are candles worse than cigarettes?

Are candles worse than cigarettes?

Are candles worse than cigarettes?

Andrew Sledd, a pediatrician with a specialty in Enviromental Toxicology, told KFVS12 that one hour of scented candle burning can be the equivalent of smoking a single cigarette. Soot from candles can also pose a real threat to our respiratory systems, he said.

Are Bath and Body Works candles bad for you?

Our candles are safe when used as directed on the label. They undergo extensive quality and safety testing under rigorous burn and use conditions and meet or exceed all applicable industry and government standards for safety and performance.

Can scented candles be bad for your health?

Commonly emitted VOCs related to the scent in candles include formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, limonene, alcohol and esters. These harmful chemicals can cause health problems ranging from headaches, dizziness and allergy symptoms to asthma attacks, respiratory tract infections and even cancer.

What candles are not toxic?

Here are a few nontoxic candle brands to get you started.

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Is it bad for your health to burn a candle?

Some people claim that candles release potentially harmful toxins. However, people on the other side of the argument say that candles don’t contain enough of these toxins to be a health threat. We’re going to look at what science has found about burning candles and separate the facts from common misconceptions.

Are there any health studies on scented candles?

Health and safety studies are conducted for fragrance materials used in candles, including toxicological and dermatological tests." It may be shocking to think that your favorite candles could potentially be bad for you, and made worse by added fragrances.

Is the particulate matter in a candle harmful?

So yes, candles do produce PM and VOCs, both of which have been found to be harmful to health, but as Nolen pointed out, the issue may not lie in the burning of candles themselves but rather in how long you’re burning them. So the big deal with candles is particulate matter, but what if I still want to burn candles?

Why are paraffin wax candles bad for You?

Candles made of paraffin wax and candles that contain man-made fragrances can release more toxic VOCs than other types of candles. The impact of VOCs on your health will depend on the duration and level of exposure. They can in some cases cause irritation, allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

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