How do I get my father's WWII medals?

How do I get my father's WWII medals?

How do I get my father's WWII medals?

Requests for replacement medals should be submitted on Standard Form 180, “Request Pertaining to Military Records,” which may be obtained at VA offices or the Internet at

Can I claim my father's war medals?

Service veterans are entitled to receive medals in recognition of their Service if they meet the qualifying criteria. If the Service person is deceased, the immediate next of kin is entitled to receive any medals. The immediate next of kin will be the spouse - but if also deceased, it will be the eldest child.

How do I find out what war medals My grandfather had?

Entitlement to medals Personal service records are available from the National Archives of Australia . If medal entitlements are not included on the individual's service record you can apply to Defence Honours and Awards for details their medal entitlements and medals that have been issued.

Can you wear a relatives war medals?

'The official rules for wearing medals allow only official awards to be worn. ... The medals awarded to a deceased Service/ex-Service person may be worn on the right breast by a near relative (mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, daughter and son). Not more than one group should be worn by any individual'.

How can I replace my father's war medals?

You can only get a replacement medal from the Ministry of Defence ( MOD ) if it was stolen or destroyed, for example in a fire or flood. The medal must have been awarded for service after World War 1. You'll need to show proof by providing a copy of either a: police crime report.

Is there an honorable discharge medal?

Honorable Discharge Commemorative Ribbon This commemorative medal honors all U.S. Armed Forces personnel that received an Honorable Discharge from service. All of our ribbons come unmounted and with no holding bar.

Will there be a Jubilee medal in 2022?

The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal or The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal will be a commemorative medal to mark the seventieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the thrones of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms in 2022.

Are WWII medals worth anything?

Put simply, yes! War medals are worth money, but how much you make when selling them depends on a lot of factors. If your medals are in great condition they will make more money than if they are damaged. If you have the original papers and presentation boxes that go with your medals they will also be worth more.

How much are WWII medals worth?

Prices vary massively for campaign medals, but a British War medal, issued to any British Empire combatant, can be acquired for as little as £10. Nowadays, Second World War stars can fetch as little as £5 to £10 because these medals are not named and it is difficult to link them to the recipient.

Is it illegal to wear medals you haven't earned?

While it is not an offence to own medals which have not been awarded to you, it is illegal under section 197 of the Army Act 1955 to use these to pretend to be a member of the armed forces. ... The act makes wearing any military decoration, badge, wound stripe or emblem without authority a criminal offence.

What did my father do with his WW2 medals?

WW2 medals had to be applied for at the end of the war, and I can remember my father saying that he had not claimed them, which has been supported by what has just happened. I would suggest that you question family members as to whether they know what happened to those medals.

How to claim previously unclaimed family war medals?

Claiming previously unclaimed family war medals? My cousin told me last night that his dad didnt claim his war medals. He is sure of this as his dad told him so. Does anyone know how and where my cousin can now claim them. His dad died a few years ago. He will need to prove his relationship, But then its a case of contacting the MOD.

Where can I buy a World War 2 medal?

You can purchase replicas or original named medals from a specialist medal company, or reputable medal dealer . You should write to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Medal Office if you want to claim medals from WWII onwards. You will need to provide the following information (or as much as possible) about the individual claiming the medal:

How can I get my loved one's war medals?

If you have a loved one who served in the Armed Forces, you can easily obtain information about any awards, medals or badges he received during his time in service. Once you know which commendations your loved one earned, it is easy to buy replacement medals for display or as a gift.

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