Do they have internet on oil rigs?

Do they have internet on oil rigs?

Do they have internet on oil rigs?

All rig need to be equipped with internet connection as all essential drilling and formation data needs to be sent back to office for decisions. Yes, as Ryan says, the wifi service is given at the discretion of the rig provider.

Do cell phones work offshore?

Cell phones alone usually lose reception about 15 miles offshore, when vessels travel outside the range of land-based cell towers. ... All one needs to do is purchase a dedicated SIM card, pop it into their cell phone, and use that phone on a moving ship, anywhere in the world, just as they would at home.

Do oil rig workers have access to their money?

Can an oil rig worker have access to their earnings while working offshore? A. Yes. If any oil rig worker you may be corresponding with asks you to help out with a loan or other because they can't access their money DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

How long do oil rig workers stay on the rig?

Workers travel to the oil rig from the camp site in a crew truck. Generally, workers work for fourteen days straight with one to three weeks off. Because of the long hours aboard an oil rig, companies must give their employees enough time to rest up.

Do workers sleep on oil rigs?

Work shifts on an oil rig are dependent on your time of arrival and state of work at that point. Thereafter, you are assigned a 12-hour shift to work on, and then a 12 hour off period. ... So, it may be possible that you stay up for nearly 16 hours and then sleep for the remaining 8 hours.

Where do you sleep on an oil rig?

Oil rigs are close-knit communities and you can expect to share your room with several other engineers, although some oil rigs do offer private rooms. Showers and toilets tend to be shared among a couple of cabins, but most bedrooms do offer a washbasin, and a television.

How far out is offshore?

Primarily, offshore fishing (or deep sea fishing) is defined as any type of fishing done more than 9 miles from the shore line. When you're deep sea fishing, you're usually pretty far from land… roughly 20-30 miles out, in waters that are hundreds or even thousands of feet deep. Hence the name “deep sea fishing.”

Is alcohol allowed on oil rigs?

Keeping an oil rig operational for 24 hours a day means that it's crucial for offshore personnel to be at the top of their game at all times; generally alcohol and non-prescription drugs are completed banned.

How much do oil rig workers make 2020?

Oil Rig Worker Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$130,000$10,833
75th Percentile$90,000$7,500
25th Percentile$32,000$2,666

Do oil rigs have gyms?

Despite the tight space oil platforms also have various amenities such as gyms, pool tables, TV and even cinemas. As with the food, it is essential for the people working on the platform to have the opportunity to unwind and relax, so employers are providing the means.

Can you use your cell phone on an oil rig?

Some companies will allow you to use your cell phone in safe areas, some will retain it before you embark. All companies won’t let their workers to use “normal” mobile devices on external areas of a Oil Rig once there are various hazardous areas there. Why I said “Normal” mobile devices?

What should you know about oil rig safety?

1 Using Equipment & Training to Prevent Explosions. Safety equipment can greatly minimize the harm that results from an explosion at sea to both workers and the rig. 2 The Strangest Challenges to Oil Rig Safety: Cell Phones. ... 3 The Other Challenge to Rig Safety? ... 4 Talk to an Attorney If You Have Been Seriously Injured: (888) 493-1629. ...

Why do people pretend to be on oil rigs?

The main reason why scammers pretend to be on oil rigs is that it gives them a good excuse not to talk over the phone. Since some rigs genuinely don’t have the cell services available, scammers rely on this. In reality, some carriers do have off-shore cellular towers, and others have satellite dishes.

Can a smart phone be used on an off shore rig?

Off-shore rigs can also install microwave antennae, fiber optics, satellite dishes or a combination of any/all to provide communications services, including internet. Individuals with smart phones may not be able to make cellular calls in some cases, but they could use their smart phones with internet connectivity.

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