What do I do with old 78 records?

What do I do with old 78 records?

What do I do with old 78 records?

If you have old 78s you'd like to donate, the Great 78 Project will accept your old 78 records and digitize them to post online. But reading their FAQs, it does not appear they will ship those old records back to you.

Are old 78s worth anything?

Old records, 78 or otherwise, are in general not worth a lot. Scarcity and demand are everything. Some rare material may sell for significant sums.

What 78 records are rare?

Chasing The World's Rarest 78 RPM Records

  • Hear a few notable recordings from the 78 RPM era, as picked by guests Amanda Petrusich & Chris King:
  • Geeshie Wiley, "Last Kind Word Blues"
  • Willie Brown, "Future Blues"
  • Skip James, "Devil Got My Woman"
  • Blind Uncle Gaspard, "Sur Le Borde de L'eau"
  • Sylvester Weaver, "Guitar Rag"

How do I find out what my vinyl records are worth?

To determine the value of your record, you must first identify it. Start by looking for a Catalog Number on your record, which is often found on the album sleeve or pressed on the inner ring of the vinyl itself. Next, search for a barcode number.

Do old LPs have any value?

Rare and Valuable LPs (33 RPM) Many have values that exceed $100. Some sell for $1000 or more. “Most collected artists” records have the highest values. Most “Fans” LPs made after 1970 sell for $10 or more and some made before 1970 sell for $100+.

Do charity shops take 78 records?

Charity shops won't take them, classical music buffs aren't interested, they fetch nothing at auction, and I've already got a huge pile to smash up ( handy things to mix Araldite on!)

What do I do with old gramophone records?

Vinyl records are rising in popularity again and if in good condition can be donated to some charity shops. If you have rare discs you may be able to sell them via online websites such as Cash4Records or Vinyl Exchange.

How much do old records sell for?

The average eBay selling price for vinyl records is around $15, though vinyl record values vary significantly: from 50 cents to $50 or more. You need to do some research to determine exactly how much your vinyl records are worth.

Are there any 78 records that are worth anything?

All 78 records have a value of sorts, pre or post 1950, I own collections and individual recordings around the 1930’s worth hundreds of dollars, the most valuable are the records that are a little different, I sold an Elvis record, his first I beleive for 1000 pounds about 20 years ago, then have sold pre electric records for 30 pounds.

How much is an old 78 rpm record worth?

Wondering what your old 78 RPM RECORDS are worth? Please install flash player. IGuide.net is proud to host the online 78 RPM Record Price Guide.The price guide is maintained by Jon R. Warren, whose price guide books have been the authority on collectibles values since 1985.

Why are 78rpm shellac records so rare?

The government even asked people to donate their old 78rpm shellac records so the material can be reused for the war effort. This also caused some 78rpm shellac discs to become more rare. Here is a cool article for you.

What's the most expensive 78 rpm blues record?

John Tefteller buys the world's MOST EXPENSIVE 78! Longtime Blues record collector and expert John Tefteller was the winning bidder at $37,100.

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