Which Cherry MX is best for typing?

Which Cherry MX is best for typing?

Which Cherry MX is best for typing?

Cherry MX Blue is considered to be the best switch for typing. It has a “clicky” sound to it with a high actuation force and tactile feel.

What are Cherry MX Blue switches good for?

CHERRY MX Blue and CHERRY MX Blue RGB switches are click-style switches that provide much more substantial audible and tactile feedback with each keypress. Click-style keyswitches tend to have higher reset positions and require greater actuation force, so they may perform a bit slower in rapid-tap situations.

Are Blue switches the best for typing?

Cherry mx blues are preferred by most typists because they feel and sound like real typewriter keys. They are heavier to actuate (push down) but comes with a satisfying, albeit loud click. The red cherry mx keys are very similar to the blacks with the general difference being actuation force.

Are Cherry clears good for typing?

Stock clears are really too stiff to do a lot of typing or gaming on. Their actuation point peaks out at 100g, which is REALLY heavy and will fatigue your fingers really quickly. Browns are nice, but the increased tactility of clears feels really nice as long as the spring isn't too heavy.

What switches is best for typing?

When picking out the best switch for typing, typically a tactile switch is preferred because the tactile bump can help reduce error and make typing more enjoyable. The best mechanical switches for typing are Cherry MX Browns, ZealPC Zilents, and Topre switches.

Which is better Cherry MX red or blue?

Cherry MX Reds - Red is best for gaming. Blue is best for typing. Brown are a good balance between the two.

Do blue switches get annoying?

Any mechanical keyboard is louder than a chiclet-style (like on your laptop) or a membrane keyboard (that disgusting, cheap thing at your workplace) but the Cherry MX Blue switches sit right up there with the loudest — and some say most annoying — mechanical keyboard switches. Yes, they are noisy.

What is better blue switches or brown?

A few people can't decide between a linear switch or a tactile one, so Browns are a good option for them. They still have a discernible tactile bump. Although it's definitely less prominent than a Blue switch. As for feel, they lie somewhere between clicky and linear.

Which is the best Cherry MX switch for typing?

Cherry MX Blues have an actuation force of 60g and a bottom-out force of 60g, which is ideal for someone with normal typing habits. The total travel distance is 4mm while the actuation distance is the normal 2mm. Another clicky pick is the Cherry MX Green, also perfect for annoying everybody with.

Which is better Cherry MX blue or Cherry MX brown?

Deciding which are the better switches between the Cherry MX Brown vs. Blue can be a little tricky at times. The reason is quite evident. Both switches are produced by a top-quality brand, and they come with a wide range of premium features that will meet the demands of all users.

Which is the loudest switch in Cherry MX?

That is because some users think they should be lighter than they are. Further, mechanical blue switches are the loudest and clickiest in the Cherry lineup. These switches have a slightly heavy feel to them thanks to the actuation force. They have a force of 50g that can get to 60g at full force or over the tactile bump.

Which is the best keyboard switch for typing?

The Cherry MX Browns are the most common (and oftentimes hated) tactile switches readily available in most prebuilt keyboards. They will work fine for typing, even though the “tactile feel ...

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