Is Chanyeol still married?

Is Chanyeol still married?

Is Chanyeol still married?

Who is Chanyeol wife? The EXO group member is currently not married. ... He was dating Kwak Saebyul, but their relationship ended when he officially became an EXO member.

Who is Chanyeol's father?

Park Sung-jin Chanyeol/Fathers

Who is SUHO crush?

Suho is really obvious that she has a crush on Jisoo.

Are EXO still together 2020?

From what is perceivable, the Exo members are still together, especially with the release of their fifth album titled DMUMT (Don't Mess Up My Tempo). While Luhan, Kris, and Tao left and Lay is busy with his solo promotions, he still remains a bona fide member of Exo.

Who is Chanyeol's crush?

8. He has a huge crush on Dara, acting nervous around her. His members will never let him forget it!

Who is Kim Samuel crush?

Conversation. Samuel Kim revealed that his celebrity crush is none other than BLACKPINK's Jisoo.

Are Suho and Irene still together 2020?

On Aug, Dispatch reported that Suho and Irene are currently dating. In response to the report, their entertainment confirmed that the two are meeting each other and have a good feelings. According to Dispatch, Suho and Irene has been in a relationship since last year.

Who is Suho crush?

Suho is really obvious that she has a crush on Jisoo.

What did Exo Chanyeol's father do with his son?

EXO Chanyeol’s father has recently opened a burger joint that fans have been visiting to try. But did his father use his son’s fame to take advantage of his customers and EXO-Ls? Originally posted on Pann, netizens criticize Chanyeol’s father for allegedly using Chaneyol’s fame to take advantage of customers of his burger joint.

How old is Chanyeol from South Korean rapper?

Like many famous people and celebrities, Chanyeol keeps his personal life private. Once more details are available on who he is dating, we will update this section. The 28-year-old South Korean rapper has done well thus far. Majority of Park’s money comes from being a rapper.

How old is Park Chanyeol from Exo K?

Chanyeol’s age is 28. South Korean rapper and singer born Park Chanyeol, who fronts the boy band EXO K. The band had a number-one single with “Mama” in 2012. The 28-year-old rapper was born in Seoul, South Korea.

What was the controversy of Chanyeol's father's burger joint?

Titled “Price Controversy of Chanyeol’s Father’s Burger Joint,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below. “Daebak.. Chanyeol’s father will be opening opening a burger joint soon but if someone suggest a good name, he will be giving a guitar signed by Chanyeol…..

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