Why are the Cherry MX Blues bad?

Why are the Cherry MX Blues bad?

Why are the Cherry MX Blues bad?

There are two truths to the Cherry MX Blues: they are way more tactile than the Cherry MX Browns (which are actually marketed as tactile but somehow feel just like scratchy linears, which is the reason for a lot of hate they are getting) the “click” is a bit “rattling” and not as crisp as other clicky switches.

Which is better Cherry MX blue or brown?

When you press a key with a Cherry MX Blue switch, you'll feel a little bump and hear a high-pitched clicking sound the moment the keyboard input is sent to your PC. ... Cherry MX Brown switches are great for folks who don't like the loud click-click-click of the Cherry MX Blue switch but do like the tactile bump feeling.

Do Cherry MX Blues break in?

The switches were broken in to the point of having no tactile feedback unless I pressed the key slowly. It is not very noticeable when typing on new browns but it's enough of a difference for me to feel more comfortable on them.

How do I quiet down a blue switch?

3:565:11How To Quiet Down ANY Mechanical Keyboard! - YouTubeYouTube

Are there Cherry MX blue switches bad for gaming?

Their quality control is known to be pretty bad. -the CM Storm Trigger has macros and cherry mx blue switches but the backlight is red. -Corsair Vengeance K90, has blue back light and macro keys but has cherry red switches. -Gigabyte Aivia Osmium has blue backlighting and macro keys but red switches. Thanks for the help guys.

What's the difference between Cherry MX red and blue?

Cherry MX Blue Switches. Now comes the infamous Cherry MX Blue Switches. On the surface, you might think that these switches are just like Cherry MX Red, and the only difference is the difference of colour, but that is not it.

Are the Cherry MX Browns really that bad?

Are Cherry MX Browns Really That Bad? Cherry MX Browns are a switch that lives in both fame and infamy. Though the MX Brown is indeed one of the most used and most available switches, it has also become one of the most hated and most ridiculed switches in the community.

Which is the most popular Cherry MX switch?

Since we are on the topic of Cherry MX switches, two of the most popular type of switches in the market are Cherry MX Red switches, and MX Blue switches.

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