How much do acrylic prints weigh?

How much do acrylic prints weigh?

How much do acrylic prints weigh?


How thick are acrylic prints?

With sleek and professional standoffs your custom acrylic print can be 1/8" or 1/4" thick and can be hung on any rigid surface.

Can you backlit acrylic prints?

Backlit Acrylic. An LED backlit box behind the acrylic can be a great look in modern spaces, but finding a power source near the art and hiding a power cord can be challenging. Since the acrylic refracts light, our acrylic prints can appear to be backlit if you have good overhead art lighting and metallic paper.

Can I frame acrylic prints?

Traditional picture frames do not have the same clean, modern finished look that custom acrylic prints offer. This is especially true for big prints that can warp or wrinkle in traditional frames over time. Not only does an acrylic print protect the print, but it also highlights the image itself.

Which is better for printing acrylic or glass?

Acrylic prints are splashproof, and weather resistant making them easy to clean and dust with a damp cloth. This also makes them ideal to keep outdoors. Are our acrylic prints heavy? Acrylic prints are substantially lighter than glass prints but can be slightly heavier than other forms of prints.

Why are acrylic prints so heavy to transport?

Acrylic prints can become extremely heavy, especially when creating larger wall prints or gallery displays. Transport also becomes more difficult, making it not suitable for art exhibits. Added to the existing higher cost of acrylic prints, they can become even more expensive when you need to ship them over a great distance.

Which is better for photography canvas or acrylic?

If you’re a landscape photographer, I believe it’s almost a necessity for you to have at least one acrylic print of your work. Acrylic prints lend a 3D feel to your photography that canvas simply cannot emulate. The pros of acrylic prints include: They’re waterproof! You can hang them indoors or out, and they’ll be just fine.

What's the difference between acrylic and HD metal prints?

The acrylic print was a beastly 4.

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