Are BC ferry reservations refundable?

Are BC ferry reservations refundable?

Are BC ferry reservations refundable?

Customers who cancel their booking 7 days prior to their sailing will receive a full refund.

Can you change a BC Ferry reservation?

You can make changes to your bookings online, login to your account, or refer to your booking confirmation email for information if you do not have an account. Alternatively you can call 1-888-BC FERRY (1-888-223-3779).

What is the cancellation policy for BC Ferries?

If you choose not to travel, your fares will be fully refunded. If your sailing is cancelled before you check-in, your reservation will be cancelled, your reservation fee will be refunded, and travel will revert to a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I cancel a ferry reservation?

The easiest and cheapest way to cancel your booking and request a refund is to log into My Account and request the cancellation there. With some ferry companies we'll be able to confirm your cancellation and refund straight away, but if we can't, we'll do our best to have it confirmed within 48 hours.

How much does it cost to change a BC ferry reservation?

Reservations can be changed up to 60 minutes prior to the reserved scheduled sailing's departure time for a $5.

Can you get a refund on ferry tickets?

In order to cancel your ferry tickets you need to make a cancellation request at least 3 days (72 hours) before your ferry is scheduled to depart. ... Once you have canceled your booking you will get a refund, which is provided by the ferry company(ies) you had booked your trip with.

What percentage does BC Ferries allow for reservations?

Increase reservation space: from 40-50% on average, to 95% of the vessel. Provide free reservations on all Saver and Prepaid fares.

Can I get a refund if my ferry is Cancelled?

It can be hugely frustrating if your ferry is cancelled. Thankfully, due to new EU regulations, you are now entitled to a full refund. You can either choose this refund, which must be paid to you within 7 days of the cancellation, or you can ask to be rerouted at the earliest opportunity and at no extra cost to you.

Do ferry companies have to refund?

Regulation 1177/2010 provides that if a ferry service provider cancels a ferry service, they must refund or rebook you. ... Under the law, refunds must be provided within seven days but given the unprecedented effects of coronavirus, we advise allowing ferry companies more time to process refunds.

What percentage of BC Ferries is reservations?

During the #Route3Trial, BC Ferries will: Increase reservation space: from 40-50% on average, to 95% of the vessel.

Do you get refund if you cancel BC Ferries reservation?

When she called to cancel, well in advance of her travel day, she was told BC Ferries would not refund the reservation fee. She wants to know why. BC Ferries says if someone cancels a reservation within an hour of booking then the fee would be refunded. Otherwise, there are no refunds.

Can you change your ferry reservation in BC?

Customers on BC Ferries will soon be able to change their reservations up to one hour before sailing time - for a fee. Customers of BC Ferries can now change their reservations up to one hour before sailing time, but doing so will cost them, the company announced Friday.

How much does it cost to cancel a ferry ticket?

For requests issued less than 12 hours before the scheduled departure or after the departure of the vessel no refund is provided If you choose to cancel your booking, we will refund the corresponding refund provided by the ferry operator, withholding a cancellation fee of up to 6€ (euros) per booking.

How to book a sailing with BC Ferries?

Book Sailings | BC Ferries Find out all you need to know about personal, group, commercial and travel agent ferry reservations and easily book your next sailing. s1552511819636cmsitem_00019016

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