Is Aatrox a good main?

Is Aatrox a good main?

Is Aatrox a good main?

Is Aatrox Good Right Now? Ranking as the #30 Best Pick In the Top Lane role for patch 11.

Is Aatrox weak right now?

Aatrox is not weak, he's a strong , meta champion and easily in the top ten of top laners right now. Aatrox is pick or ban in proplay , yet this sub is convinced that he is "weak".

How do you use Aatrox?

3:3313:22The ULTIMATE AATROX GUIDE - Best Tips and Tricks to CARRY ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipItems. You want to be getting a Kindle gem and a Caulfield's warhammer on your first or second base.MoreItems. You want to be getting a Kindle gem and a Caulfield's warhammer on your first or second base. You do not want to be rushing a phage. Into a cleaver as aatrox the faster you get your CDR.

Is Aatrox late game?

While Aatrox shines in the early to mid-game he really suffers if the game continues to late-game, his damage gets negated by armor and his enemies can burst him down before he can start healing.

Why is Aatrox so bad?

Aatrox was, since the beginning of "modern LoL", an overall bad champion: He lacked utility, was lack-luster on every single one of his abilities and even managed to be outclassed in the one thing he was supposed to be good at by other champions (Warwick in this case).

Which Aatrox skin is best?

LoL Best Aatrox Skins- All Aatrox Skins Ranked

  • Sea Hunter Aatrox. Captain Jack Sparrow Doesn't Stand a Chance. Coming in at number four on our list is Sea Hunter Aatrox. ...
  • Blood Moon Aatrox. The Warrior of LoL. ...
  • Mecha Aatrox. A Force to be Reckoned With. ...
  • Justicar Aatrox. The Legendary Skin of Aatrox.

Who is Aatrox strong against?

Aatrox Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Yasuo, a hard to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 49.

Does Aatrox counter teemo?

Teemo fights Aatrox in only 5.

Why is Aatrox picked in pro?

Here we have a champion who has no counter picks, who starts to scale off after most games are already decided. Picking Aatrox in a pro-play draft is the equivalent of passing onus onto your enemy team. It is a non-committal pick that will always result in value for your team.

Is riven good?

Riven is great for Twisted Treeline. Her strong early game and mobility with abilities help her to dominate top lane, as well as give her great ganking ability. She also performs very well in the jungle.

Can you carry Aatrox from the top lane?

Aatrox isn't a champion that can normally carry from the top lane. Most top laners can't (*looks at challenger leader board*). However what you can do is snowball the game in such a way that should make it easier to win. Push and don't stop pushing. Push your laner under their tower whilst getting every last creep.

How many counter picking matches does Aatrox have?

Aatrox Counter Stats From: All Cha Mas Dia Pla Top Lane (87%) Aatrox Top Lane Counters: 36,929 25,240 9,871 1,178 453 187 matches, 56 counter champions Hide Top Lane

What's the best way to play against Aatrox?

Tank a bit of his damage and let your carries kill him before he can get to them. That’s all you need to do when it comes to playing against Aatrox as Garen in the late game. Aatrox is a pain to play against because of his strong early game, but Garen is well equipped to handle this darkin’s damage.

Where does Aatrox rank in League of Legends?

Ranked #52 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Aatrox. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Aatrox in League of Legends and win in Champion Select!

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