How do you clean a whiteboard with sanitizer?

How do you clean a whiteboard with sanitizer?

How do you clean a whiteboard with sanitizer?

Apply hand sanitizer directly to the whiteboard, using a soft, clean cloth or paper towel to wipe it over the entire surface of the whiteboard. Let sit there for 30 seconds, then wipe off with a fresh cloth or paper towels.

Can you disinfect a whiteboard?

Warm soapy water, window cleaner and peroxide all work well too. Be sure to stay away from wax-based cleaners as they leave a pesky film on the whiteboard. 5. Clean whiteboard frequently: Depending on the use of the board, it should be cleaned at different frequencies.

How do you clean a whiteboard?

A gentle, yet slightly abrasive cleanser (like toothpaste) is great for cleaning dry erase erasers. Apply a line of toothpaste to the bottom of each eraser you want to clean. Scrub them with a wet cloth. Using a wet washcloth, scrub the eraser in a circular motion.

Does isopropyl alcohol clean whiteboards?

The concentrated isopropyl alcohol is the best cleaner for melamine whiteboards. It can combat fresh dry erase marker marks, stubborn ghosting, and even dried permanent marker. If you have one or more whiteboards in your home or office, keep a container of this on hand for any whiteboard-cleaning issues that may arise.

Can you clean a whiteboard with Clorox wipes?

Do not use glass cleaner, Clorox® wipes, or all-purpose cleaners as they will damage the whiteboard surface and void the warranty. The surface should be cleaned only with dry erase wipes, liquid board cleaner, or a damp wet cloth. Abrasives or other chemical cleansers should not be used.

Can you clean a whiteboard with vinegar?

You can add one teaspoon of vinegar per cup of water; use a microfiber cloth to clean the whiteboard. Paper Towel and Water: This is a quick, chemical-free way to clean the surface of your board, but may not remove old stains or ghosting.

What's the best way to clean a whiteboard?

Mild Detergent & Water: I used a drop of Dawn dish soap and water on a microfiber cloth. Even though this method took a little more effort to remove the old marker, it was a great way to clean the surface to remove residue and oils.

Can a dry erase marker be used to clean a whiteboard?

Most whiteboards will come with a felt eraser you can use for cleaning, but it doesn't always do the trick. If your whiteboard has collected stains and marks from frequent use, check out these simple ways to keep it looking like new. You can actually use a dry erase marker to remove permanent marker from your whiteboard!

Is it OK to use Expo spray cleaner on whiteboard?

Over time, cleaners degrade the whiteboard. Even Expo spray cleaner can ruin a good board over time. Instead of buying a new board, you can easily resurface it with a whiteboard film. Check out the Think Board or Whiteyboard brands.

What happens if you dont take care of your whiteboard?

Not taking care of your whiteboard properly can lead to permanent damage to the surface of your whiteboard. Full Disclaimer: We are an office furniture dealer and sell some of the products we review. To learn more about the products we sell, our review process and why you can trust us, please visit: Why we’re different.

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