What kind of mop can I use to clean walls?

What kind of mop can I use to clean walls?

What kind of mop can I use to clean walls?

Best Overall: Bona Microfiber Mop. Best for Cleaning Trim and Molding: E-Cloth Flexi-Edge Mop. Best for Wet Mopping: Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop. Best for Dusting: Chomp Long Handle Dust Mop.

Can I clean walls with a mop?

Uses: Microfiber Wall Wash Mop Pads are great for cleaning walls, ceilings, restrooms, or any other hard to reach area. ... If wet mopping is needed they work great with just warm water but, for certain applications you may want to use them with chemical cleaners or disinfectants.

Can you use Dawn to wash walls?

A Gentle Cleanser Because it's such a mild cleaner, dish soap is an ideal first line of attack for dirty walls. A mixture of 1 ounce of your favorite dish detergent per gallon of warm water removes general dirt from most surfaces as well as smudges from walls with a gloss or semi-gloss finish.

Can a Swiffer be used to clean walls?

The regular pad for the Swiffer dry floor mop is perfect for wiping down walls and ceilings, that are easily reached with the extendable handle. This is a page about using a Swiffer to clean walls and ceilings.

Can a Swiffer dry cloth be used to dry paint?

And while Swiffer dry cloths are great, Danielle Smith, owner of Detroit Maid, uses wet cloths for dustier spaces. With a clean surface, paint will dry smoother.

Is it OK to use wet Swiffer on hardwood floors?

Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Swiffer wet pads are ideal for cleaning hardwood floors, and while they are safe to use on finished hardwoods, linoleum, and tile, there are several surfaces where you shouldn't use these cleaning pads.

What can I use to clean my Swiffer dry mopping cloth?

Use microfiber cloth or socks. Buy a small microfiber cloth, use an old rag, or cover your Swiffer with an old sock or other clothing. Use these materials to replace the standard Swiffer dry mopping cloths, and reuse them over and over by putting them in the washing machine to clean.

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