Is shooting fish in a barrel easy?

Is shooting fish in a barrel easy?

Is shooting fish in a barrel easy?

A person can easily shoot a fish in a barrel. With these improvements, both Adam and Jamie were easily able to hit the fish. ... The buckshot managed to hit some of the fish, but only three out of the total of thirty fish. To put the myth to bed, the MythBusters obtained a M134 minigun that could fire 50 bullets a second.

Why are elephants afraid of mice in captivity?

It's not clear where the idea came from, but many people have theorized that elephants might be afraid of mice because they fear that the tiny creatures will crawl inside their trunks, irritating or blocking them. Elephants in captivity have been exposed to mice because they are frequently found in and around the elephants' feed (hay).

Is it true that elephants are afraid of dogs?

John Hutchinson, a researcher at the structure and motion lab of the Royal Veterinary College in London, agreed: "Elephants get a bit nervous sometimes when small, fast animals are around them," he said. "I can remember one occasion when a local dog in Thailand was running around while we were working with an elephant for our locomotor studies.

Why are elephants afraid of trees and ants?

The discovery that elephants dislike ants came when Dr Palmer and colleague Dr Jacob Goheen noticed elephants avoiding a species of acacia tree in the Kenyan plains. The trees are found across the African savanna and are normally devoured and trampledby hungry elephants.

Why are elephants being harassed in East Africa?

'A big issue in east Africa is elephants damaging crops, which is one reason elephants have been harassed and sometimes killed,' he added. Share or comment on this article:

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