Can you polyurethane over Sharpie?

Can you polyurethane over Sharpie?

Can you polyurethane over Sharpie?

Never, and i say, never, apply polyurethane over your sharpie drawings, they will bleed, and a lot. There are different types of polyurethane. There is water based, oil based, and alcohol based.

How long does it take for Sharpies to fade on vinyl?

A coat of vinyl sealer will protect the artwork, & you can build up the nitro clear over that. Just dust the vinyl on a couple times before applying a wet coat. Most if not all Sharpies will degrade in intensity & color over time, whether sealed or not. You can count on a couple years before it starts to fade.

Can you put a mist coat on sharpie?

Remember Sharpie will dissolve in alcohol or lacquer thinner, so most finishes you'd spray on there could make the ink bleed. That's why you need to put mist coats on first until it's locked in, then you might be safe with a wet coat over it. So, you really want to do test finishes with this.

Can you use Auto Clear on sharpie inlays?

Use a light coat of Poly first let it dry then spray as usual. Sharpie also makes a waterbased paint pen. I have a friend who's used them with auto clear on top of them and seems to work great, no running or smudging, I'd suggest giving them a try.

What kind of lacquer to use on Sharpies?

We put a thin coat of shellac on more worried about making sure the sharpies stuck. Sprayed with rattlecan clear gloss acrylic lacquer and no problems. Thanks Crash. Is the rattle can clear gloss acrylic lacquer different than the two I've got pictured. I have limited access to finished. If I go to Home Depot, what do I get?

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