Can you use other cameras with Ring?

Can you use other cameras with Ring?

Can you use other cameras with Ring?

What Ring equipment is compatible with each other? If you already have a Ring device, whether it's one of Ring's video doorbells, security cameras, or smart lights, you'll be able to use it with the Ring security system.

What other devices work with Ring?

Ring-compatible devices

  • Video doorbells and cameras.
  • Smart locks.
  • Smart lights and bulbs.
  • Plugs and wall outlets.
  • IFTTT and Z-Wave devices.
  • Smart speakers and TVs.
  • Garage doors, water valves, thermostats.

How do I add another camera to my Ring?

Simply scroll down for a step-by-step guide.

  1. Step One - Download the Ring App. ...
  2. Step Two - Create or Log in to Your Account. ...
  3. Step Three - Tap “Set Up a Device” ...
  4. Step Four - Scan the QR code or MAC ID barcode on your Ring device. ...
  5. Step Five - Specify Your Location. ...
  6. Step Six - Name Your Device.

How many cameras can I connect to Ring?

How many Ring cameras can you have? Ring user accounts support an unlimited number of Ring cameras with or without a subscription.

Can you view multiple Ring cameras at once?

You cannot easily view the video feed from multiple Ring devices in a single place, but you can see a snapshot from all your devices due to the 'Camera Preview' (or 'Snapshots') feature that was rolled out a year or two ago. This can then be viewed on a TV monitor via, which you can access in a web browser.

How do I unlink my Ring cameras?

Moving: How to Remove a Ring Device from the Ring app, so a New Owner Can Use It

  1. Open the Ring app. ...
  2. Tap the three lines on the top left.
  3. Tap Devices.
  4. Select the device you want to release from your ownership.
  5. Tap Device Settings.
  6. Tap General Settings.
  7. Select Remove this Device.

Can you unlock your door with Ring?

For access control, link your Ring doorbell/camera with your Key lock in the Ring app, to lock and unlock your door directly from the Ring app live view. You can also manage this functionality in your Key lock settings in your doorbell/camera dashboard.

Can Ring cameras be viewed on TV?

Yes! You can view your Ring Doorbell on any television with a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. You can also view your Ring Doorbell on select Samsung TVs.

Can I have Ring cameras at two locations?

Yes, you are able to access all of the cameras that are currently attached to your Ring app account by simply switching between Locations. You will get live view functionality with all devices, but will only have saved recordings for those devices that are subscribed to a Ring Protect Plan.

Why is my Ring stick up camera not detecting motion?

Getting No Motion Alerts At All This is a common issue, and the majority of the time, it's caused by Motion Alerts being disabled on your Ring app. Simply open up your Device Settings within the Ring app, and make sure the button for Motion Alerts is set to the blue “On” position.

Can you link any ring device to any other ring device?

Then, your Ring devices are able to react together, and protect you as a team. Can you link any Ring device to any other Ring device? Yes! Device linking works with all Ring devices including Video Doorbells, Security Cams, Smart Lights, and Alarm. The function is found in the Ring app with the latest Android or iOS system.

Can a ring security camera work without WiFi?

Ring Smart Lights still activate when they detect motion, but you can’t control them or get push notifications without a Wi-Fi connection. Ring security cameras do not work without Wi-Fi. Does Amazon own Ring? Yes. Amazon acquired Ring in 2018 for $1 billion. Amazon has also purchased other smart device companies like Blink and Eero.

How do I set up a ring camera on a new network?

In terms of how to set up a Ring device on a new network, I cover this in a separate video I recently done but the gist is that as part of the setup process, it’ll ask if you which WiFi network to connect to. Just make sure you choose the new one if the Ring camera is closer to that new WiFi network.

How to grant someone access to your ring camera?

Tech Tips: How to grant someone access to your Ring camera. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

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