How many air miles do you get for HBC points?

How many air miles do you get for HBC points?

How many air miles do you get for HBC points?

Base Offer: Convert your Hbc Rewards points earned at the Hbc family of stores for AIR MILES reward miles at a rate of 2,000 Hbc Rewards points to 1 AIR MILES reward mile.

How do I redeem my HBC points?

Redeem your Hudson's Bay Rewards points instantly, beginning with 1,000 points to receive $5 off your current purchase.

  1. Redeem your points in store with valid government issued photo identification.
  2. Redeem your points at with a unique member self-selected PIN.

What can I do with Hudson Bay rewards?

You can redeem your points at Hudson's Bay or Home Outfitters stores for a gift card in $10 increments. Or you can redeem your points online in gift card denominations of $25, $50, or $100.

How much are HBC Rewards points worth?

Q: How much is each point worth? A: If you're redeeming for HBC Gift Cards, each point is worth half a cent. So you need to collect 5,000 points to redeem for a $25 gift card, 10,000 points to redeem for a $50 gift card, and 20,000 points to redeem for a $100 gift card.

Do HBC points expire?

Does Your HBC Rewards Card Expire. No, the Hudson's Bay reward cards do not expire. However, the VIP cards have an expiry date that is given to the consumer. You can continue to use your Rewards VIP card even after it expires.

Does HBC rewards still exist?

Points could still be earned at Zellers during the stores' liquidations, and the HBC stated that its Rewards program would continue to exist at the Bay and Home Outfitters. In 2013, HBC relaunched HBC rewards under a new name, Hudson's Bay Rewards.

How do I check my HBC Rewards?

You can access all of your Rewards account information, including level status and points earned and redeemed by signing in to your online account. You can also view your Rewards level status on the receipt of a recent store purchase.

How do I check my reward points?

How can I check my credit card reward points summary? By logging in to > Dashboard > at the bottom, the rewards points summary & expiring rewards points are displayed. By login SBI Card mobile app.

Is it better to convert HBC Rewards to air miles?

It depends. I automatically convert to Air Miles even though I know it's a worse deal because I collect a lot of Air Miles anyway, but I'm probably not going to see an HBC gift card until the day I die at the rate I go. If you shop at Zellers or the Bay enough, you'd be better off not converting.

How much is it worth to redeem Air Miles?

You still earn Air Miles when you are redeeming Air Miles Cash Redeem your Air Miles for Greyhound tickets, (this will save you up to 40%) Air Miles are worth about 10-12 cents each (keep this in mind when making purchases just to get Air Miles)

How often do you redeem Hudson's Bay Air Miles?

As a Hudson’s Bay Rewards Collector, you have the option to automatically redeem your Hudson’s Bay Rewards points for AIR MILES® rewards miles every week. Hudson’s Bay Rewards points will be redeemed at a rate of 40 points to 1 AIR MILES® reward mile. These AIR MILES® reward miles will be displayed on your AIR MILES® Summary Statement.

How can I use my HBC Rewards points?

Rewards members earn points on almost every purchase in-store and online. As a Hudson’s Bay Mastercard holder, you can double your points at Hudson’s Bay, plus earn points and cashback almost everywhere else you shop. Redeeming points is easier than ever.

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