Can you make files on Procreate?

Can you make files on Procreate?

Can you make files on Procreate?

Procreate Format Every artwork you make in Procreate saves as a . procreate file format on your iPad. This format is unique to Procreate. Using Procreate's native file format has several benefits.

How do I make more than 6 layers in procreate?

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Can you group layers in procreate?

Create. When you select multiple layers, you will see the Group option appear on the top right of the Layers panel. Tap it to gather your selected layers into a Group.

Can you rename stacks in Procreate?

How to Name Stacks in Procreate. To name stacks in Procreate, stay within your general Gallery and click on the name of your stack. If it's unnamed, it will say “Stack.” Simply click on that and enter your new name. Repeat this process whenever you need to rename a stack.

How do you make a custom brush set in procreate?

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Where are my procreate files stored on my computer?

That said, an iCloud backup is where you want to start. Make sure that you have automatic iCloud backups setup and that Procreate is included in that. Remember that your files are stored within the Procreate app. If you restore the Procreate app, it should restore your Procreate designs. Check out more from Adventures with Art!

What kind of file can I import into procreate?

These are the only files that you can open within Procreate as a regular Procreate file. You can import a .jpg or .png, but it will function like an imported picture, not a Procreate file. It’s also good to store your files in another format that you commonly use, like .jpg or .png.

How to create a duplicate in Procreate layers?

Duplicate creates a copy of the layer's contents on a New Layer. Delete deletes the selected layer. Note, if you only have one layer, you'll see "Clear" instead of Delete, which will instead delete the layer's contents. You can also rearrange your Procreate layers. To Move a Layer, Tap and Hold, and then Drag the Layer to the desired order.

How much does it cost to get procreate?

Download thousands of Procreate add-ons, brushes, scripts and more with an Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 graphic templates, design assets, themes, photos, and more.

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