Is FM perfume genuine?

Is FM perfume genuine?

Is FM perfume genuine?

FM, also known as Federico Mahora, has been around for over 15 years. ... The Drom Factory is located in Munich, Germany, which FM get their fragrances from, hence why the FM fragrances smell just like the real designer ones. This is why they are not copies or fakes.

Are FM fragrances really made in the same factory?

FM visits the same factory and purchases the fragrance essence from container Number 2079. The question is, is this legal? The answer is YES. The factory own the fragrance as they created and produced it, and can sell it to their customers.

Are FM fragrances good?

I believe FM perfumes are a great alternative to the expensive luxury branded perfumes, especially if you love a bit of luxury while on a budget. I personally still like having the original branded bottle to use for special occasions, but love having a perfume dupe that is still of high quality for everyday.

Are FM fragrances dupes?

If you haven't heard of FM before, they are known for creating dupes of popular high end fragrances at a much more affordable price.

Which FM perfume is best?

Top 10 Women's Fragrances From FM

  • FM 18. 18 – Similar fragrance notes to Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle £16.

    Are FM World products fake?

    FM does not sell fakes. You will never see another logo on our products. ... The packaging is FM, the ingredients are FM, the models and the names of our perfumes are FM numbers. The only reason you might think it is “fake” is because our scents are all inspired by the top 150 perfumes in the 🌎.

    What FM World sells?

    FM WORLD Club is a global network of Business Partners who act worldwide to sell high quality FM WORLD products, such as: perfumes, body & face care cosmetics, make-up, household cleaning products, coffee, teas and food supplements. As a Member of FM WORLD Club you act independently and take your own decisions.

    What is the best FM perfume?

    Top 10 Women's Fragrances From FM

    • FM 18. 18 – Similar fragrance notes to Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle £16.

      Which FM perfume is alien?

      FM Pure 489*** Thierry Mugler Alien.

      Can a fake perfume remind you of the original?

      In the best case, the fake fragrance will vaguely remind you of the original, but, in most cases, the two have nothing in common. You should never spray the perfume directly on your skin if you have any doubts it may not be original as you don’t know what chemical substances are in there and if they are harmless for human health.

      Is it OK to buy cheap FM perfume?

      My friend is an FM consultant and she says the cosmetics are overpriced and some of the perfumes are vile but there are a handful that are spot on and smell lovely. I'm thinking of buying some for friends birthdays (we don't go over the top, just a bottle of wine type of thing). I think they will be ok with it.

      Where do I find the serial number on a fake perfume?

      The real perfumes will have a serial number and barcodes at the end of the box and also on the perfume bottle. You won’t get the similar certification in fake perfumes. Original perfume barcode check is the first thing you need to do after buying a new perfume. The fake perfume will not have a serial number.

      What's the verdict on cheap FM perfumes?

      What's the verdict? I have bought the FM version of Channel Madamoiselle and I find it rather good at £11.

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