Is there a difference between Flemish and Dutch?

Is there a difference between Flemish and Dutch?

Is there a difference between Flemish and Dutch?

Many believe that these two languages are one in the same, or that their only difference is their geographical location. ... The Dutch language spoken in the Netherlands has more of an English influence, whilst the language in the Flander region, the Flemish speaking region of Belgium, has a stronger French manifestation.

Can Flemish understand Dutch?

Generally speaking, as long as both speak the official standardized Dutch they will understand each other quite well, although the southern accent (Flanders, but also the southern parts of The Netherlands) is quite recognizable.

Is Flemish German or Dutch?

Dutch language, also called Netherlandic or Dutch Nederlands, in Belgium called Flemish or Flemish Vlaams, a West Germanic language that is the national language of the Netherlands and, with French and German, one of the three official languages of Belgium.

What is the closest language to Flemish?

Afrikaans is also very similar to Flemish. Dutch. As a matter of fact 'Flemish' as a standardized language does not exist at all. The default language in Flanders is the Dutch language.

Are Dutch and German the same race?

The core Germanic element may be related if you go back far enough but “Dutch” and “German” refer to nationalities, not races. The English and Dutch are closer in ancestry and are closer to the Nordic type than the Germans who are a heavy mix of Celtic, Germanic and Slavic people's.

What is I love you in Flemish?

Explanation: Ik hou(d) van jou. The correct spelling would indeed be 'ik houd van jou' (as in Dutch), but most people don't pronounce nor write the 'd' .

How do you swear in Flemish?

  1. Godvermiljaardedju! / hod-vur-mill-yar-duh-JOO/ ...
  2. Kalf! (meaning baby cow, meaning childish hapless idiot)
  3. Onnozelaar! / on-NO-zuh-lahr/ ...
  4. Klootzak! / KLOTE-zack/ (with British short 'a') ...
  5. Lul! / LULL/ ...
  6. Nondedju! / non-duh-JOO/ ...
  7. Dwazen aap /DWAH-zunn AHP/ (silly ape; not common but kinda funny)
  8. Gij kieken! / hey KEE-kunn/

What's the difference between Dutch and Flemish languages?

The main, most noticable difference between the two variations is without a doubt to be found in the pronuncation.

Is the Dutch in Belgium and the Netherlands the same?

The ‘Belgian Dutch’ is called Flemish (Vlaams). The good news is that the grammar in both countries is exactly the same and in general vocabulary is comparable. And you will absolutely not have any problem, if you learnt Dutch in one country using it in the other. You can compare it to UK English and US English.

What's the difference between je and you in Flemish?

To Flemish speakers, however, using je in formal situations can sound impolite. Conversely, when Flemish speakers use U, it sounds old-fashioned to Dutch ears. These three differences show, in a very brief and summary way, how very slight differences can combine to create two significantly different dialects.

Are there two different languages in the Netherlands?

FLEMISH: two different languages?! The two standardized variations of Dutch, namely Dutch as spoken in the Netherlands (so-called “Nederlands-Nederlands”) and Flanders (“Belgisch Nederlands”) have been oft-discussed, mythologized and exaggerated.

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