Is Underworks or GC2B better?

Is Underworks or GC2B better?

Is Underworks or GC2B better?

I, personally, strongly prefer GC2B. Underworks is not meant for trans people, and I feel like it shows. Their material is also coarser and more restricting, yet not very effective in making my chest flat; their binders make your chest look more like pecs, which looks silly when you aren't very fit.

How good is GC2B?

This binder is MUCH safer than most on the market if you get the right size. I don't feel nearly as breathless when I'm walking around, and I had no issues with shipping. I've had it for almost 6 months and it has held up very well.

Are GC2B binders safe to swim in?

You can! Like most swimsuits, our binders are made from a spandex + nylon blend. The material will not be damaged by water or swimming. We suggest wearing a size up from your regular fit, as it is important not to bind too tightly while exercising.

Are binders bad for you?

Wearing binders that are too tight can cause underlying tissue and muscle damage, prevent free movement, and even restrict a person's ability to breathe. There haven't been many studies about the health effects of binding, so it's important to listen to experiences of others, and to talk to your healthcare provider.

Are binders supposed to be tight?

The binder should feel snug, but you should be able to take a deep breath. ... But, if it hurts or you cannot take a full deep breath in, then your binder is too small.

What does GC2B stand for?

this might be a silly question, but does gc2b stand for something? We stand for stretching, shipping, and running convention booths! Otherwise there's a lot of sitting involved here.

What happens if you sleep in a binder?

Sleeping in a binder can cause all sorts of complications including breathing problems similar to sleep apnea and generally interrupt your ability to sleep. Just don't do this. Tightness ≠ better binding. The goal is to create a masculine shaped torso, not to crush your ribcage.

What makes gc2b chest binders so good?

gc2b provides high quality chest binders at an affordable price. Our products have been designed using an extensive and thorough process. gc2b binders feature our patented front and back, double panel, mixed material design to construct a flat appearance through superior tissue distribution and comfortable compression.

Is there such a thing as the perfect binder?

GC2B, a company that advertises their product as "the perfect binder," may be in exactly that position: making the stressful act of chest binding as simple and painless as possible. I've heard genderqueer people on Tumblr talking about GC2B for a while now.

What do you need to know about the gc2b?

GC2b uses a front and back, double panel, mixed material design to construct a flat appearance. GC2b provides the gear needed to help you safely achieve your ideal form. Our Story. GC2b is a specialized division of GC2 Compression.

Who is the founder of the gc2b company?

GC2b is proud to be the very first gender-affirming apparel company that is trans-owned & operated. Since 2014, founder & CEO Marli Washington has been using his experience as a trans man of color to design binding options that are safe, accessible & comfortable, including people of all shapes, sizes & colors.

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