Do fitted wardrobes add value?

Do fitted wardrobes add value?

Do fitted wardrobes add value?

Built-in storage space can also be a fantastic way to add value to your house before selling. Take a look at our fantastic range to see if built-in bedroom storage, a stylish home office or a fitted wardrobe could increase the price of your home.

Is it easy to do fitted wardrobes?

With easy to construct DIY kits available, DIY fitted wardrobes are not as difficult as they may first sound. However, if DIY isn't your forte or if you're worried about whether you'll be able to, you always have the option of our professional installation service.

Does IKEA make fitted wardrobes?

Suit your space (and yourself) with fitted wardrobes that complete your home. Choose frames and doors that match your style and interior organisers that match your needs and what you wear. Please note we currently have a higher demand for our PAX system wardrobes than we can supply. ...

How do you stop damp behind wardrobes?

Ventilation Holes – If your damp is building up behind wardrobes or cabinets, ventilation holes make a big difference. Cut small holes in the back of cupboards and wardrobes to allow air to escape. Using a Dehumidifier – A dehumidifier is a very affordable way to remove moisture from the air in your property.

Are Ikea wardrobes safe?

Though the instruction manuals that come with chests of drawers advise customers to secure their furniture to the wall using a bracket provided, not all do so, leading to tragic consequences. Ikea issued a safety warning, instructing all buyers to attach Malm chests to the wall to avoid other such accidents.

How can I make my own built in wardrobes?

0:4513:25DIY Fitted Wardrobe Build with Basic Tools - Video #1 : PLINTH ...YouTube

How do you treat damp in wardrobes?

The best solution for the wardrobe damp is to add warmth, so condensation forms somewhere else where moisture will not get trapped, leading to damp. You can achieve this easily by fitting a small electric heating element with a thermostatic control in the back of the wardrobe.

How do you remove built in wardrobe sliding doors?


  1. Fold the door so that the two panels are together. ...
  2. Lift the door, with the panels folded, about ¾ of an inch so that it comes out of the bottom track.
  3. Angle the door out of the bottom track. ...
  4. Remove the screws of the top and bottom tracks to remove remaining hardware.
  5. Repeat with second door if applicable.

How much does it cost to make a fitted wardrobe?

We got ours from Ikea and had a carpenter build around them as they look fitted. Total cost including lighting, glass fronted drawers etc about 2k for a 4m run that looks fab and is well kitted out. Ikea all the way here. wardrobes for 3 rooms delivered and fitted around £2.

Which is better free standing or fitted wardrobes?

We went for free standing ones in the end as we managed to find ones that fitted the space pretty well and (I think) looked a lot better. And they were much cheaper. Also, we don't intend to be in our current place for ever so didn't want to spend a lot of money on something we can't take with us.

Where can I get a quote for a wardrobe?

If you want a hassle free quote, you can register the job on a website called and then local tradesmen will contact you (via e.mail or phone you can chose) to give you a quote on the job. For us, I was really really happy with the work and the cost.

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