Is Alessi made in China?

Is Alessi made in China?

Is Alessi made in China?

to create a collection of trays (an Alessi staple) inspired by Chinese culture. “It is designed in China, made in Italy,” says CEO Alberto Alessi. These are a few highlights.

Is Alessi ethical?

As a result of its ethical business approach, Alessi became a Certified B Corporation in June 2017, the single italian design brand and between the first 50 italian companies to obtain such certification.

Why is Alessi so popular?

The Italian company was founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi and initially concentrated on metal kitchenware. His products and designs of coffee pots became so popular, that by 1924 the brand name 'Alessi' was established. ... The aim was to mass produce desirable, high quality, everyday household products.

What materials are Alessi products made from?

A few years after World War 1, Alessi started with producing a wide range of tableware items in nickel, chromium and silver-plated brass. The company began when Carlo Alessi (born 1916), the son of Giovanni, was named chief designer. Between 1935 and 1945 he developed most of the products Alessi released.

What country does Alessi originate from?

Crusinallo, Omegna, Italy Alessi/Place founded

What products are Alessi famous for?

Alessi - best products

  • Piana chair by David Chipperfield, 2014.
  • La Conicaespresso maker by Aldo Rossi.
  • 9091 kettle by Richard Sapper.
  • Juicy Salif , Philippe Starck, 1990.
  • Pots&Pans, Jasper Morrison, 2006.
  • Record wristwatch - Achille Castiglioni with graphics by Max Huber, 1989.
  • Anna G. Corkscrew.

Who owns Alessi now?

The Alessi family retains the remaining 60 per cent of the company. The brand, which produces kitchen items, tableware, watches and other household goods, is headed by Alberto Alessi, who said he had been looking for an investor to help the company compete internationally.

Who invented Alessi?

Giovanni Alessi Alessi/Founders

What does Alessi mean in Italian?

The name Alessi is primarily a gender-neutral name of Italian origin that means Defender Of The People.

Who made Alessi?

Giovanni Alessi Alessi/Founders The firm Alessi was founded in 1921 when Giovanni Alessi Anghini who was a sheet metal worker set up a foundry at Omegna to produce tableware in copper, brass, and nickel silver which was then electroplated. By 1924 the Fratelli Alessi Omegna company was making coffee pots and trays as well as small household items.

What are the products of the Italian company Alessi?

Another remarkable design in the 2000s is the Blow Up series by Fratelli Campana. The brothers played with form and shape to create baskets and other objects that look like they would fall apart when touched. In 2006 the company reclassified its products under three lines: "A di Alessi," "Alessi," and "Officina Alessi."

Who was the first designer of Alessi espresso?

From 1945 until today, Alessi has collaborated with designers and even other brands or companies for their products. Some key designs and their designers: 1979 9090 espresso maker by Richard Sapper. This design won the first Compasso d'Oro award for Alessi.

Who are some famous people associated with Alessi?

Alessi was considered one of the "Italian Design Factories". In this decade under the leadership of Alberto Alessi the company collaborated with some design maestros like Achille Castiglioni, Richard Sapper, Alessandro Mendini, and Ettore Sottsass.

When did Alessi start to work with plastics?

In the 1990s Alessi started to work more with plastics, at the request of designers who found it an easier material to work with than metal, offering more design freedom and innovative possibilities. The 1990s were marked by the theme "Family Follows Fiction", with playful and imaginative objects.

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