What is French door style?

What is French door style?

What is French door style?

Today a French door simply indicates a patio door that is made mostly of glass. There are French inswing, French outswing and French sliding door styles. Some contain grid patterns and some are without.

What is the purpose of French doors?

Gives a plain room an extra look: Of course French doors are extremely functional, but the primary function of a French door is its aesthetic features. French doors can create a dramatic impact on your home. See the picture below on how this style of door can make your indoor and outdoor living spaces interconnected.

What makes a French door a good door?

French doors are popular because they allow natural light into a room and create a symmetrical, wide opening, unlike a sliding patio door. French doors often open to a balcony or other outdoor space, such as a porch or patio. However, they are also popular for interior passage doors where light and visibility is preferred to privacy.

Are there sliding French doors for patio doors?

Our sliding French doors are the perfect solutions if space around the door will be limited. These space-saving French doors are not only functional, but a beautiful element to add to your home’s design.

How did the French doors get their name?

As mentioned above, French doors are largely made with glass panels in plain style or grids attached to a frame. They were invented in France in the 14th Century to allow better entry to light into homes, thus earning them the name “French Doors”. These doors are more like large-sized windows for your entry and exit areas.

What kind of wood for French patio doors?

Our aluminum-clad wood French patio doors offer the classic French look with a modern design to match any home’s architectural aesthetic or décor scheme.

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