Is a glass balcony safe?

Is a glass balcony safe?

Is a glass balcony safe?

Unlike balustrades made with wood or steel, a glass balustrade made with an anodised aluminium handrail and base track, and posts (where needed) needs minimal maintenance and will remain safe with little intervention from you. You won't need to worry about rot or rust affecting the balustrade's performance.

How can children be safe on a balcony?

Supervise your children while they are on the balcony. Keep doors leading to balconies locked so that children cannot gain access to them. Do not allow children to play on stairs. Install stair gates at the top and bottom of stairs to prevent young children from gaining access to them.

How can I get my toddler to use a glass balcony?

Tips for making the Balcony safe

  1. Plastic Shield: Plastic shield is a transparent plastic cover for your balcony railings. ...
  2. Wire/ Plastic Mesh: Wire mesh can be installed across the railing of the balcony to prevent entrapment and fall. ...
  3. Grills: ...
  4. Plexiglas. ...
  5. Additional Slats And Spindles: ...
  6. Old Cardboards:

Are frameless glass railings safe?

If you love the look of a glass stair railing, you'll be thrilled to learn that glass railings are as safe as or even safer than other types of stair railings – that is, when they are professionally installed!

How do you cover a balcony railing for kids?

Your apartment railings can be secured by covering them with additional vertical slats/spindles in order to fill in the gaps. This technique is apt for wooden railings. Avoid placing the patio furniture away from the railings or staircases to stop your child from climbing it.

How do I keep my child from falling off a balcony?

Balcony safety

  1. Make sure where possible, balustrades (railings): ...
  2. Keep all furniture, pot plants and other objects that children can climb away from the edge of balconies.
  3. Don't have furniture that is light enough for children to drag to the balcony edge.
  4. Keep balcony doors locked to stop a child from going on the balcony.

How do you baby proof an indoor balcony?

Baby Proof: Keeping Balcony Railings Safe for the Children

  1. Reduce the Gap. If the gap between the railings is less than 4 inches, you need to come up with solutions to reduce the gap. ...
  2. Make Horizontal Bars Unsalable. ...
  3. Balcony Shield and Guards. ...
  4. Cover the Balcony Railing With Wood.

How do I keep my child from falling off the balcony?

Make sure the spaces between balcony railing slats or balusters are no bigger than 4 inches. Install a mesh barrier or plastic shield around balcony railings to keep kids from climbing between the slats. Keep furniture away from the railings of a balcony, high deck, porch or terrace.

Is it safe for children to play on a balcony?

You need to make sure that both the balcony and the balcony railing are safe if you’re going to allow children to play there. The very first thing to do if you want to make your balcony railing safe for children is to check the balcony railing itself.

What to know about child safety on balconies?

The first thing you have to keep in mind when considering child safety on decks and balconies is the actual decoration and layout of the area. Do not place chairs, furniture or any objects near to railings or low walls, as children can very easily discover how to use them as climbing structures in order to peep over the edge or toss things over.

Is it safe to put glass on a balcony?

In addition to responsible parenting and child-care, the answer is easier than you might have guessed – install glass balconies. Whether you prefer a traditional style with posts and handrails, frameless or semi-frameless balustrades, Balconette’s range of glass balustrades are a stylish and safe choice.

Is it safe for children to climb glass balcony?

There are no foot or finger holds for budding climbers to use when hauling themselves up for a better view, meaning safer children and happier parents. One of the best things about a glass balcony is the clear view thanks to a complete lack of obstructions. So it’s unlikely that children will want to climb up for a better view.

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