Are spray gun nozzles interchangeable?

Are spray gun nozzles interchangeable?

Are spray gun nozzles interchangeable?

Most guns have the option of several different-sized spray tip openings with a matching needle for each one. Eastwood carries a selection of popular sizes for the guns we sell. As a general rule of thumb, thicker material like high-build primers use a bigger opening, while thinner liquids use a smaller tip.

Are Graco and Krause and Becker spray tips interchangeable?

If you are having difficulty finding Krause & Becker parts, the good news is that many of the parts such as O rings and sprayer tips are interchangeable with other models of paint sprayers such as Titan ControlMax 1700 and 1900 and Graco Sprayers.

What is a 515 spray tip used for?

For example, a 515 tip will spray a 10-inch-wide fan and have a 15-thousandths of an inch orifice. It's the combination of fan-width and orifice-size that determines how thick of a coating you'll spray.

Are Graco and Titan spray tips interchangeable?

It may not work both ways with all styles of Titan guards. The tip seats are the same for a Titan gun and a Graco. Some of the Graco tips come with rubber washers instead of plastic, but the metal seats are the same and can be used in either guard.

Which spray gun is best for spraying cars?

Best Paint Gun – Professionals Options

  • Ingersoll Rand EDGE Series 270G HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun. ...
  • Astro EVOT14 EuroPro Forged LVLP Spray Gun. ...
  • DeVilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670. ...
  • ANEST IWATA Iwata W-400-134G Bellaria Spray Gun. ...
  • Tekna 703567 Prolite Spray Gun.

What is the best size nozzle for spray gun?

A general rule of thumb is: Heavy-bodied primers and primer surfacers work best when you use a nozzle size of 1.

What is a 619 spray tip used for?

Achieve greater control and less overspray on different surfaces with a wide range of coatings, from stains to exterior paints. 12 inch spray pattern ideal for larger surfaces such as houses/buildings, walls and ceilings.

Can a Graco tip fit in a Wagner gun?

These are usually ⅞ fitting, and they’re interchangeable between the different brand guns. Graco FFLP fit in the Graco RAC-X holder, while Wagner HEA use the Trade Tip 3 holder (e.g. an FFLP tip will not fit on a Wagner gun without swapping over the tip holder, etc.)

What's the difference between Wagner Spray and Graco spray?

In addition to reducing overspray by up to 55%, Wagner’s HEA technology uses significantly lower pressure to create a much softer spray and therefore a much smoother finish.

What's the difference between Graco and Wagner ProTips?

In this post, we’ll explore Wagner High Efficiency Airless (HEA) ProTip technology and Graco Fine Finish Low Pressure (FFLP) technology to help you gain a better understanding of the differences between the two and the respective advantages of each. Let’s get started.

Can a FFLP tip be used with an airless gun?

FFLP tips can be used with all airless spray guns*, and they require 50% lower pressure than your average airless sprayer. You also get less overspray, and the misty spray pattern makes applying your coatings a breeze.

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